Get Started

How to Start?

Step 1: Email instructor at to make your appointment to one of our element classes. We currently only offer Elements classes Thursday's and Friday's at 5:30PM. Element Class is $25.00. You should arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork.

Step 2: Upon completing the 2 day element class, choose the membership package that's right for you!

Step 3: Find a class and get your work on! Welcome to the CrossFit 290 community!

What is Elements?


Elements is a foundational prerequisite and the first step before starting CrossFit. During Elements we teach our athletes all of the functional movements that we do on a daily basis. We will teach you proper techniques of exercises, as well as how to scale movements if needed. The elements classes are a key part in making sure that our members stay injury free and are able to keep pushing towards their goals.
With each elements session you will be introduced to movements and then upon completing the movements you will perform a Work of the Day(WOD).

Which program is right for me?

2x per week:

Two days per week is good for triathletes, long distance runners, swimmers, and other endurance athletes who want to build muscle and get stronger while maintaining their endurance for their sport. This is also a good path for those who haven't been physically active in several years, and are somewhat nervous about starting a new program.

3x per week:

Our most popular plan! Three days a week is generally for those who are looking for CrossFit to be their main source of exercise. This is also a good plan for athletes who are looking to supplement their current training program with something that is different and will help them progress into more successful athletes.


This plan is for the serious fitness enthusiast that wants to get on another level. This is also a good choice for athletes who want to compete in functional fitness competitions either locally or globally.

Our Location

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