12551 Steepleway, Houston TX 77065 | 832-460-4040 | info@crossfit290.com

CrossFit Class Schedules

  • 5:30 AM CrossFit

  • ​4:30 PM CrossFit

  • 5:30 PM CrossFit

  • ​5:30 PM Olympic Lifting

  • 6:30 PM  CrossFit

  • 7:30 PM  CrossFit

  • 4:00 PM CrossFit
  • ​5:00 PM CrossFit
  • 6:00 PM CrossFit
  • 7:00 PM  CrossFit
  • 8:00 PM  Competition CrossFit Training(For RX ONLY and for those who need competition training)

Friday (OPEN GYM Opens 3:00-7:00PM)

Gyms opens at 3:00 PM and closes at 7:00PM

There will be no formal classes however we encourage athletes to come in and use the facility.   There will be a WOD written and an instructor available to lead.   This is also a great time to work on Skill Work.  

Every Saturday

  • 9:30 CrossFit

NOTE:  Currently CF 290 does not offer morning classes during the week.    However, we are very interested in doing so if we can get a commitment from individuals.  Class size would need to be 6 or better.   Please visit with us if this is something that interest you.  

 CrossFit Kids Schedule

  • Thursday Night 6:30 pm